What Do You Think About Shelter, Porter Robinson's New Anime Music MV?

Coachella is traditionally regarded as the pace-setting event to kick off festival season - it's a taste of what's to come. Some might say it's a bit overkill to book a massive co-headlining tour based off of just one new single, but the massive demand for the duo's back-to-back Shelter Live Tour made it clear that this was going to be an event no one in attendance was bound to forget anytime soon.

Madeon is a French DJ, record producer, songwriter, and musician from Nantes, France. Porter: Yeah I mean the origin story for us is, I was like maybe 15, you were 12 or 13. And we were both the two youngest music producers on this music production forum that we were interested in, so we were kind of rivals in that way.

After defining and dominating the electro house and complextro genres, Robinson broke free from the grips of cookie-cutter EDM with the progressive ‘Worlds', his breakthrough 2014 debut album that catapulted him to international fame and initiated an industry-wide sea change in electronic music.

The same went for their music video for the track, which went viral on YouTube hitting 9 million views and counting. Lighting and video equipment for the ‘Shelter' tour was supplied by Zenith with whom Ben enjoys an excellent working relationship. The dreamlike track follows a pop-oriented structure that was largely missing in Robinson's discography.

Music has once again got me back into the light and I am so thankful that finding this song was so timely. From upbeat synths to an emotional combination of piano and strings, the song conveys its message and leaves you satisfied with a beautiful musical composition.

Some of you would agree that the recent songs made by Porter Robinson are Undertale-ish” especially this one , Shelter however just hit it right home for me and it was the perfect healing song that I needed. Porter Robinson and Madeon have confirmed what many may have feared — as soon SporkSlinger as they've finished their Shelter world tour they'll bring an end their time as a duo.

Porter: Yeah so both of us we had this kind of break out hits that we didn't expect before we were ready for a real touring career. Robinson has never been one to shy away from critiques against electronic music in his discography and across social media, going as far as disavowing the majority of his own music on Twitter.

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